This year's GRAMMYs may or may not have brought you appreciation for where popular music is headed, but for an award show that has many times over just awarded radio's most played bands (I do realize that the winners are radio regulars, but their rise to radio play weren't by typical routes), it's been interesting to see the new ways that artists and bands rise to relevance.  

A YouTube video of five people playing a single guitar pushed Gotye to stardom, then to GRAMMY nominations and three wins.  A bluesy rock band that for ten years built an underground fan base by playing small club after small club, rises to extreme heights with their seventh studio album and takes home three GRAMMYs.  The little scene kid that used to scream and screech in a small post hardcore band takes home three GRAMMYs now that he's the artist in the dub step scene.  A group whose only form of percussion is a kick drum and tambourine takes home the album of the year....  

I guess all I can say is it's exciting to see where the music industry is going.  What did you think of the GRAMMYs this year?  

February 11, 2013 by Michael Simon
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