The Sigur Ros Experience

On the evening of Saturday, April 6th Caleb, Marshall, and I got to see one of our favorite bands perform at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado. We thought it'd be cool to each share our perspective on this concert that we had all been so amped up for. Our experiences are written below for your reading pleasure!
During the time leading up to the Sigur Ros concert, I kept thinking about how crazy it is that I've been listening to them for almost 10 years. I remember listening to "( )" for the first time when I was 18. Me and one of my best friends sat in his garage and smoked cigars and listened to the whole album even though it was freezing! Needless to say, I have many memories tied to Sigur Ros, and during the show I was flooded with them. Some good, some not so good, but that's life. It was this bizarre twilight zone of being totally in the experience of the show: the music, the visuals, the emotion, as well as recalling so many memories that are so closely tied to the music. One of my favorite songs that they performed was Vaka, the opening track to "( )". The adaptation of their original music video with the children playing in a play ground covered in black ash... it gets me every time. These guys know how to pull all of your senses into the performance and it's just spectacular. I can't wait to see them again!
   - Caleb Zwanzig
What kind of music is Sigur Ros? That's the usual question I hear when people hear the band name (the name translates to "Victory and Rose"). They are not at all a typical band that can be summed up in a description. Elements of their music include: an ambient atmospheric sound, beautiful falsetto vocals, and guitar lines that build and layer perfectly. I didn't know what to expect anticipating seeing one of my favorite bands from Iceland for the first time, who barely include any English in their lyrics. It was not so much a concert as it was an experience, and simply put it was unforgettable. 

Sigur Ros incorporates visual imagery, lighting, and other stage elements that transition seamlessly and work together so well. The 3 piece band was backed by 11 other musicians ranging from strings to percussion instruments. It felt like I was on stage with them, as well as in the middle of every image that was displayed on the screen behind the band. As my fiance and I were watching, we were taken back. Sigur Ros was flawless. It was an extremely well executed, sophisticated, mesmerizing experience to be in that room with them.
   - Marshall Usinger
Having missed their last live performance in Colorado at Red Rocks (huge mistake), I made a promise to myself that next time Sigur Ros came to Colorado I would go, no matter the cost. When I saw they added the show on their website I was overjoyed. I set multiple alarms to notify me when the presale tickets went on sale - I was not going to miss out this time around. Needless to say, I got the tickets and was eager for April to arrive. My expectations could not have been higher and my experience could not have exceeded my expectations any further.
I have always had a very strong connection to their music. It has a way of drawing you in, completely taking ahold of you, teaching you patience, and taking you to heights you never thought possible in a single song. In their DVDs "Heima" and "Inni" I fell in love with their live performance. The way they incorporate their on stage visuals through lights, screens, projections, and videos brings their perfect songs to another level. I went into this concert knowing all of these things and was still stunned. Though I knew exactly what to expect, I couldn't comprehend the emotion it would evoke and the atmosphere I would find myself in until I actually experienced it. I still have trouble finding words to describe my experience at the 1st Bank Center. Maybe I should learn Icelandic.
   - Mike Simon
I posted what is available from the set list below - they played a few new ones, which were outstanding.
April 11, 2013 by Michael Simon
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