Meet Jancy Simon

You know the one that makes sure everyone gets their paycheck on time, makes sure there’s coffee and granola bars available for coffee breaks, and makes reservations for the company Christmas party?  That would be me.  I also make sure that every Koostik that goes out the door has a delicious lemon oil/beeswax finish.  And the cute little felt sleeves that some of our products come with?  Me again!  

In my spare time these days, you will find me and my best friend (aka Jim Simon, Koostik inventor) searching out new hiking trails to conquer in the foothills west of Denver.  There is nothing better than walking in the woods with the sunlight filtering through the pine trees.  We find some pretty awesome views –

When the weather doesn’t cooperate for hiking, I am always game for planning great getaways to Ireland and the UK.  As much as I enjoy the Rocky Mountains, I am a sucker for the greenness of the British Isles.

I also appreciate a nice English tea complete with scones and clotted cream.  Fortunately,  Jim’s sister & brother-in-law  live south of London in the country, so we are able to make a trip every couple of years across the pond.  On our last trip, we personally delivered a Koostik to a customer on the Isle of Wight; it was a delight to spend an afternoon with them in their beach cottage overlooking The Solent.  Our Koostik customers are the best!


June 05, 2013 by Jancy Simon
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