Meet Mike Simon

Well hello there.

I am Mike Simon, the one behind the website, the photos, the media, the sales, and the marketing for Koostik!  I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a few startups in my young career and have to say there is nothing more challenging or fun than being a part of something special from the very beginning.  Before joining Koostik full time last year I worked for a company called Original Wraps.  We led the industry in dealer level OEM vinyl graphics for Ford, VW, GM, Nissan, Mini Cooper, Kia, Hyundai, Fiat, Chrysler, and BMW.  It was a blast working with some really talented people, our work catching the eye of 3M (the company that made the film we used).  3M ended up buying the company in 2011, keeping all of the original staff.  This was a very awesome experience to say the least.  Have to thank Tom Stemple and Chris Loar for bringing me in to be a part of it!  Before Original Wraps, I worked for another Stemple-started company called SkinIt.  This was an incredible experience as I was hired straight out of high school to work for a cutting edge technology company.  So thankful for the Stemples giving me the opportunity there.

Koostik has been a great place to work as I am very passionate about design, technology, and music.  I've been playing music for years and even released an EP last year with Aaron Johnson called The Pollyanna EP.  It is available on iTunes, Spotify, and BandCamp.  Check it out!

Hmmm, what else should you know....  I'm getting married in September to my best friend Sarah Whiting.  So dang excited for that!  

We've got a little golden retriever named 'Fur Elise'.  She occasionally comes into the Koostik office, but isn't much help even though we've tried to train her to sweep the floors with her wagging tail.  

Guess that's about it...  Thanks for checking out our website, we'd love to make a Koostik just for you!!



Mike Simon

June 13, 2013 by Michael Simon
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