Restoration Hardware

When we launched our first website with our Original, Mini Koo, and Koostik For iPad products, we dreamed of the day that a high-end retailer like Restoration Hardware would pick up our product.  Thankfully, this dream is now a reality!  We have just packaged up an order of Walnut Originals headed to Restoration Hardware.  You can find it on Restoration Hardware's website.  We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great company and hope to land on their in-store shelf space soon!

November 09, 2012 by Michael Simon
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Anastasis Academy Visits Koostik

On Monday, October 29th Koostik headquarters was blessed with a visit from the 3rd grade class from Anastasis Academy.  The kids were studying invention in class and had a wonderful time learning about Jim Simon's process of inventing the Original Koostik.

Anastasis is an incredible school, putting visionary methods for learning into practice every day.  You can check out their website at

Marshall sharing his sanding technique.

Jim speaks of the importance of attention to detail in maintaining a high quality product.

Caleb shows how he uses a drill and special sanding attachment to sand the sound holes in the Original Koostik.

November 02, 2012 by Michael Simon
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New Products, New Woods, New Website, New Shop

A lot of new things happening at!  


As you can see our website has a completely new look, along with a lot of new content.  Be sure to check out our story section to read up on how we got our start and where we've been going.  Also take a look at our buzz page to see what our customers have been saying about us.  From there you can also visit some of the various blogs and websites we've been blessed to be featured on.


Along with the new website, we've launched 3 new products - the Kov, Kov for iPad, and New Koostik for iPad.  

The Kov is a new design that departs from the linear looks of our other iPhone accessories. The Kov fills a niche for those looking for the perfect little dock for their iPhone, while still accomplishing some acoustic amplification as well. 

The Kov for iPad has been designed to best function with all three versions of iPad now in use since Apple first introduced the product. We have mimicked the design of the Kov for iPhone in this new design, and love the natural flow of the wood surfaces.

The new Koostik for iPad takes our previous design for this piece into a new direction with it’s smooth flowing curved form. It is designed to work with all three generations of iPad. It allows for use in portrait or landscape mode with a 20 degree angle for viewing, as well as low angle use along the back face for typing.


We didn't just stop at new products, we've also added 3 new woods to our lineup - Maple, Makore, and Beetle Kill Pine.

Maple is a very dense American hardwood with uniform light coloration and attractive grain. It's a beautiful wood and finishes to a silky smooth feel. 

Makore is the first and only imported “exotic” wood we work with. Makore trees grow in abundance throughout western central Africa and are sustainably harvested. It is a very fine textured relatively dense hardwood that ranges in color from orange-red to red-brown. It is very similar in appearance to the finer mahogany species. It works very well and takes a beautiful finish. 

Our “beetle kill pine” is harvested locally from standing dead trees throughout Colorado, where the pine beetle infestation has created thousands of acres of dead trees. These dead trees pose a huge fire danger. By purchasing and using the lumber, we are helping to fund the thinning of these trees from Colorado forests. The pine beetle causes gray-blue streaks in the outer layers of wood. This makes for some quite stunning coloration when contrasting with the warm yellow heartwood of the tree. Currently, we are offering the Original Koostik and the Mini Koo in this wood. 


In order to take things to the next level, we have opened up a new shop and have added to our team.  We're excited and blessed to be moving forward, creating products out of passion!

October 16, 2012 by Michael Simon
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