Our Journey to the Spiral Jetty!

Over Labor Day weekend, Marshall and I took a trip to Salt Lake City with our ladies. After enjoying In and Out Burger, We took a trip up to the north side of the Great Salt Lake to see the Spiral Jetty. Built by Robert Smithson in April 1970, the jetty stretches out for 1500 feet. Here’s a little bit of what we experienced:



This was my second trip to the jetty… and it definitely did not disappoint. The ground around the jetty was entirely encrusted in salt and the water was pink. It really felt like a landscape you’d find on another planet. The landscape is such an integral part of the jetty. It’s pretty awesome to see! Smithson and this piece in particular have had a profound influence on how I see my own artistic process. As I discovered his work a few years ago, it challenged me to imagine my work outside of a conventional art gallery as well as stretch my understanding of what art can be. For me the Spiral Jetty includes the lake itself, the mountains in the background, the remnants of exploration for fossil fuels. And this is the beauty of Land Art for me… It stretches us to pull our surroundings into focus and realize the power they can have in art and in life.


I had never heard of the spiral jetty before taking this trip, come to find out I was in the same boat as many of my friends. Driving towards the jetty was half the fun! Eventually you hit dirt road and have to drive another 10 miles to get there. It was like driving through a desert from centuries ago, just us and the wilderness. When we arrived at the jetty we saw the rocks from a distance making a path out into the lake of salt. It was unlike anything I've ever seen. My wife and I took our shoes off and walked out into the salt where the water starts to rise, it was awesome! It's crazy to me how we are surrounded by art, beauty, and existence. It's easy to forget that and get caught up with the things that are less important. Though I'm a novice when it comes to art, I had a true sense of awe and was inspired that a man ventured out years ago to create these beautiful rock formations in the middle of nowhere.


September 09, 2013 by Caleb Zwanzig