Our customers are truly the best.
Here are a few things our awesome customers have been saying about Koostik:

My wife LOVES her koostik - it was an instant hit. It looks beautiful and I got big plaudits for picking it out.
Thanks for creating such an amazing product (and making me look like a genius).

- Tom from LaGrange, Illinois

We received the Koostiks this morning and everyone is absolutely rapt in them! Beautifully made and pretty good sound - brilliant in fact. Thanks again!
- Ron from New South Wales, Australia

I just received the shipment! It's fantastic. The craftsmanship is quite fantastic. Thank you very much for getting it out to me so quickly!
- Ray from Rockville, Maryland

Love your koostiks! Can't remember what blog or site i saw them on, but i am telling everyone i know how cool they are!
- Lisa from Ann Arbor, Michigan

I really love koostik...it's such a fantastic idea...especially for a woodworking enthusiast!
- Todd from McKinney, TX

I got the Koostiks and they are better than I even imagined! I have showed several people and they all said they hoped i got them one....ooopps! THANKS! The quality is amazing and I will be buying more of your products.
- Holly from Amarillo, TX

Jim, the Koostik came in! It is a gorgeous little thing, sounds great :) Thanks again for all of your help.
- Darren from Chicago, IL

Thanks! Such a pleasure to deal directly with the craftsman....
- Derek from San Francisco, CA

As expected, it is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship, turning cold technology into a thing of beauty. Really superb, and there is no question that your success with it will continue apace.
- Chris from Worthing, UK

Thank you very much for this unique service. Koostik is an amazing design.
- Ayse from Istanbul, Turkey

First of all I'm impressed about all the designs, the quality, excellent finish of material, and its performance! Besides, the presentation is also well taken care of with the small text note and recycled fabric cover which makes it all a magnificent Koostik experience. The product is literally breathing the high attention you guys give to it, well done.
- Arjen from Amsterdam, Netherlands

It arrived today and works just as advertised.  Everyone in my office is fascinated.  Miles Davis sounds great.
- John from Gulfport, MS

That is so cool that you just sent me an email that YOU are going to be making them!  I am so looking forward to them. One or two will be gifts. You should know you get so many compliments on your beautiful work!
- Michelle from Chanhassen, MN

The web has been pretty kind too...
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