Sometimes an idea starts out simple.

The first Koostik was a styrofoam coffee cup with a slot cut in the bottom to receive the iPhone 3GS. The result was a simple megaphone to amplify the volume from the external iPhone’s speaker. From that humble beginning, dozens of prototypes in wood followed. We tinkered for several months in our garage workshop creating variations of that first idea; trying to come up with the right combination of form and functionality. After several months, we hit on the design of the Original Koostik.

It worked beautifully, and it was pleasing to look at and to hold. It has become iconic among all the plastic and silicone attempts at natural acoustic amplification for smart phones; so iconic in fact, that it is now in use by thousands of people in over 45 countries around the world. 

After bringing the Original Koostik to market, we followed with other innovative designs.

From the outset, the purpose of doing what we do has been to place beautiful, well crafted, solid wood items in the hands of our customers. The fact that these items are also functionally elegant is the icing on the cake. Our love of wood, and passion for carefully hand crafting each piece we make, are the true hallmarks of the Koostik brand. Owning and using our products is a reminder of a slower time, when even the smallest of details were noticed and appreciated. We make products worthy of the value our customers see in them.
We still maintain a simple ethos-carefully making each and every product by hand (and by heart!) and giving the absolute best service to our incredible customers that would deserve nothing less.

We invite you to join in our story!