It began with a styrofoam coffee cup; you could call it the first koostik. I was curious to see if fitting a little megaphone to the bottom of my iPhone would passively amplify the volume of the external speaker. It did, but it wasn’t much to look at.

For a year after that first experiment, I made dozens of prototypes in wood in my home workshop. With each new piece I was getting a little closer to the goal of a balance between aesthetics and functionality.  

Eventually I came to the design we now call The Original, and knew I was onto something special. Koostik, the company, was born. We set up a shop in our garage; packaging, shipping, and office in a spare bedroom; and launched the site and online store our son Mike created. Our little family business was off and running!  

Along the way, I’ve designed and added a few new items to our store. The Mini Koo became the first in our line to explore amplification by bouncing sound off of hard planes. It’s an elegant and very popular design. Our redesigned Koostik for iPad gives a nice boost to the volume output of the iPad’s external speaker while you use it in portrait mode. 

We are now introducing the Kov for iPad  and the Kov for iPhone. Inspired by the natural acoustic ampitheater in Morrison, Colorado - the world famous Red Rocks, the Kovs form an acoustic cove for clean sound dispersion.

In addition to the new products, we have some new wood species! From Africa, we have Makore and from North America, we have Hard Maple and Beetle Kill Pine. All of our woods are sourced from suppliers who practice careful management for sustainability. We offer this broad variety in woods so you can select a color value that best suits your taste.  We don’t believe in staining wood; rather, all of our pieces are finished in clear natural oil and wax to reveal their individual true color and beauty.   

We have our sights set on some exciting new directions as well, and you’ll want to check in with us frequently to see what’s new. In the meantime, we’ll keep producing unique and beautifully crafted products for your Apple devices. Thank you for your interest in Koostik, and we look forward to making something special just or you!